Dan Fisher Runs an Email Reception service. Fees, Conditions and your contractual obligations are Available on request. To make a request, you may use the following address ONE time without a Fee.  A postal address will be included for followup and further business within 180 days of  my receipt of your request.  By using this onetime address you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions. You agree to pay all costs including but not limited to court costs, attorney fees, private investigators and a recovery penalty fee of no less than 200% of the sum of all costs associated with collecting your debt to me. All those costs and fees are at my whim and fancy.  You agree to pay for all of it within 10 days of my request. You agree that these terms and conditions are entirely under my arbitrary control and you agree to be bound by changes I make even if you were or are unaware of those changes.  If you do not agree to pay me, do NOT send me an email. 

The address- without the left and right parenthesis: IamLegallyBOUNDandAGREEtoTheConditions(@)danfisher.com